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EPDM Roofing Membrane

Natraj Rubbers has specially designed a high performing EPDM Roofing Membrane for a water-tight and durable - fit and forget roofing solution.

What is EPDM?

EPDM is an elastomer that is manufactured from ethylene propylene and a small amount of die-ne monomer.

These ingredients together produce a product that exhibits a high degree of ozone, ultra-violet, weathering and abrasion resistance and outstanding low-temperature flexibility.

EPDM is also resistant to acids, alkalis & oxygenated solvents (i.e. ketones, esters and alcohols.)

EPDM is one of the most widely used and fastest growing synthetic rubbers having both specialty and general-purpose applications.

Typical properties & advantages of using EPDM membranes

  • Excellent resistance to heat, oxidation, ozone and weather aging
  • Good electrical resistivity, as well as resistance to polar solvents, such as water, acids, alkalies, phosphate esters and many ketones and alcohols
  • They have excellent low temperature flexibility, and can remain flexible up to -30 °C.
  • Heat aging resistance up to 130°C
  • High tensile and tear properties, excellent abrasion resistance, as well as good oil resistance.

A General Summary of properties is shown below:

Polymer Properties
Ethylene Content, wt. % 45 to 80 wt. %
Diene Content, wt. % 0 to 15 wt. %
Specific Gravity, gm/ml 0.855-0.88 (depending on polymer composition)
Vulcanization Properties
Hardness, Shore A Durometer 30A to 95A
Tensile Strength, MPa 7 to 19
Elongation, % 100 to 600
Compression Set B, % 20 to 60
Useful Temperature Range, °C -50 ° to +160 °
Tear Resistance Fair to Good
Abrasion Resistance Good to Excellent
Resilience Fair to Good (stable over wide temp. ranges)
Electrical Properties Excellent


Natraj EPDM roofing sheet membrane offers a unique combination of features and benefits:

  • Superior durability with life of more than 25 years
  • Almost completely weather-proof
  • Very low life- cycle cost
  • High flexibility an Elongation
  • Environmental friendly
  • Effective price


Natraj EPDM roofing sheet membrane can be applied on:
Flat roofs Flat roofs Dormers
Slanting roofs Porches
Home extensions like Verandas Garages
Terrace gardens Carports
Bathrooms Bathroom sunk slabs
Garden sheds Gutters
Balconies Trailers
Pond Lining Water Tank Lining


Sr. No. Property Result
1 Tolerance on Nominal Thickness, % ± 10
2 Tensile Strength, (MPa) 8
3 Elongation, Ultimate, min % 350
4 Tear Strength (KN/m) 20
5 Resistance To Heat aging Properties after 4 weeks @ 240° F (116 °C)
A Tensile Strength, (MPa) 8.5
B Elongation, Ultimate, min % 300
C Tear Strength (KN/m) 16
6 Resistance to water absorption after 7 days immersion @ 158° F (70° C) Change in mass, max, % + 2
7 Resistance to Outdoor Weathering (Ultraviolet) Xenon – Arc. 7560 Kj/m² total radiant exposure at 0.70 W / m² IRRADIANCE, 80° C black panel temperature No cracksNo crazing

Why NATRAJ EPDM Roofing Membrane?

  • They are available in varied colors giving house owners option to co-ordinate with the look of their house
  • Our White Membranes reflect heat, thus cutting cooling costs in summer making it economically friendly
  • It also acts as an insulator to help cut costs in winter
  • Repairs can be done simply and inexpensively
  • Rubber weighs less than most other waterproofing materials - this gives the roofer an advantage when hauling the materials to and from the roof for installation
  • Since rubber sheeting does not rely on gravity like traditional shingles it is ideal for flat or low pitched roofs it can be purchased in 25mtr long sheets thus creating very little seams and practically “shrink wrapping” your entire roof
  • Root-proof hence very suitable for terrace gardens
  • They are also ozone and UV stable making the materials themselves non perishable
  • Unlike built up roofing, EPDM membrane does not contain organic material that can decay as the result of moisture caused by condensation causing leaks.